More Nano-Thoughts and Nano-Links

Here’s an interesting physicsworld article from 2004 — “Visions of self-replicating nanomachines that could devour the Earth in a “grey goo” are probably wide of the mark …”  link.  The article also points out that, due to physical realities like brownian motion and surface effects (friction or adhesion, for instance), “We should also stop worrying about grey goo, because it is going to be very hard to produce more highly optimized nano-scale organisms than nature has already achieved. ”  The author points out that, since nature has optimized so many biological organisms at nano-scale, faster progress in nanotech development may be made in that realm, as opposed to the purely electromechanical.

The Institute for Molecular Manufacturing site at is also interesting, as is the related Nano-Medicine site at, which links to a number of scholarly books and other on-line information.

More good info and a flood of links appears to be associated with, which I found through  There is lots of information there.

I didn’t intend this blog to be only about nanotechnology, so future entries may be on other aspects of the possible future.  Keep thinking, people, and creating — we’ll need a lot more of that in the future.


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