The immigration situation in the US is getting a lot of attention, with more heat than light applied.  While the US already has over 11 million illegal immigrants, a fact which makes ideas about deporting them all patently ridiculous, the number will continue to increase until economic and political situations improve enough in other parts of the world to decrease people’s desire to come t0 the US.  This will happen, inevitably and eventually, until globalization levels the economies of most countries.  In the meantime, much needs to be done to change the popular understanding of the problem and combat the flood of misinformation most US media continues to spew.  And I have a few more thoughts …

While the next couple of decades may see some massive movements of people from the less developed and more poverty-stricken areas of the world to developed areas like the US and Europe, reactionary measures such as building walls and beefing up so-called “homeland security” will turn out to be a waste of resources.  People will always find a way to get to where they want to go.  A reactive approach to immigration, throwing more military-style (or vigilante) tactics at it, will inevitably fail.  We are much better off taking a proactive approach, as I believe every incremental improvement in the lives of the poor, anywhere in the world, will produce a corresponding decrease in their desire (need) to move, and in the numbers immigrating or attempting to immigrate to the US and other developed countries.

Admittedly, the proactive approach is far from what our leadership is doing now, and will require a sea change in terms of popular thinking about the issue, but that can be accomplished (even in spite of right wing pundits and pervasive opinion-news).  Much needs to be done, however.  (more to come)


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