It’s the Population Explosion! – more

I get so fed up with people trashing Al Gore for being a hypocrite, or thrashing around about whether or not climate change is happening, caused by humans, or an issue at all.  There actually IS a problem, but it’s neither Al Gore nor those who attack him — it’s much bigger.

That problem is the one nobody wants to talk about because it’s too scary and difficult: overpopulation.

We are stretching our resources thinner and thinner, and as any system approaches its capacity limits, the risks of collapse or major problems grow, too.  Whether it’s a manmade problem/risk, like pollution, putting all our food crops in the same genetic basket, or becoming too dependent on diminishing resources, or natural problems like a Maunder Minimum ( a period of decreased solar output that chills the Earth and causes a famine as crops fail), we are increasing our risks at an ever increasing rate.

Now we must prove – are we an intelligent enough species to control our population, mitigate against the risks, and truly manage our environment in the long term?  Or are we still so primitive that we will thrash around worrying about who among us might be a hypocrite, fiddling while Rome burns around us?  The answers will become evident, and the truth will come out as it always does.  Either we will manage our numbers and ecological impact, or Mother Nature will do it for us (and I sure don’t want to be in the way of that).

Now, how do we get people to start thinking constructively and realistically about population, and about being prepared for changes we have every reason (evidence) to believe could happen?  Our politicians apparently have no incentive to do this, and would rather avoid discussion of such issues, probably because there are as yet no easy answers (and may never be).  We can’t continue sticking our heads in the sand forever.

In my initial major post on this blog I projected the positive notion that, in the next couple of decades, people, at least in the developed world, will become educated about such matters, and will voluntarily have fewer children and increase their preparedness for possible changes as individuals and groups.  What we need is more open discussion and more public education on such matters.  I’m sorry to say it, but praying is not the answer (not that it hurts, but we need education, creative thought and planning, and action).

This blog is intended to do at least a tiny something to advance that discussion and thought, increase the creativity, and help humanity not be another species that becomes so successful that it becomes its own worst enemy.  We can control our numbers, conserve our resources, and reestablish a balance with the natural world around us, but not without concerted effort.  Let’s get busy.

What do YOU think?


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