Material Questions About Nanotechnology

Can a nanobot break a molecule and change the material’s characteristics? If a nanobot deconstructs a molecule, could the pieces, being atoms or smaller molecules, have different characteristics that were not characteristics of the previous form? Could a nanobot destroy a physical object by degrading its substance, converting it into a weaker substance, possibly even a liquid or gas?  I have many more questions.

Could toxic molecules be made non-toxic by the action of nanobots?  Could their use allow toxic pollution to be disposed of more easily, and allow polluted land, for instance, to be cleaned up with no digging or physical processing other than to pour the nanobots onto it and let them soak in?  Could non-toxic substances be made toxic, creating a potential for cancer therapies and military use, while in the bloodstream? Could drugs be changed into other drugs AFTER they are in the body?  Could nanobots convert materials into other materials by stages, each wave of bots making a certain molecular change, until the target material is decomposed into two or more other materials, or until larger molecules are assembled?

Since nanobots that would recognize and work on specific molecules might be fairly simple, could they be manufactured by other nanobots or microbots? Could nanobot factories by designed and turned loose to make specific types of nanobots using materials available in the environment, or introduced into the environment? Could the factorybots assess the need for the nanobots they make, and stop making them when there is no longer a need? Could factorybots make nanobots that would search for target molecules and report back to the factorybots when “cleanup” nanobots need to be made?

Although there are currently only a very small number of materials that nanobots can be made from, can nanobots create other materials via molecular-level assembly, including building nanobots with different capabilities based on the characteristics of the different materials?

These are some of the questions that ramble through my mind when I read up on nanotechnology advances.  I hope that asking my questions will inspire you to add a comment that will provide answers or new questions.   Future technologies are a lot of fun to speculate on, and speculations can be the first inspirations for valuable avenues of research.

I appreciate your comments.


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