Nanotech Ideas Fuel the Imagination

New nanotechnology developments appear frequently these days.  Solar cells enhanced by nanotechnology are being worked on by a number of companies (link).  But what about other radical ideas, such as microscopic noodles (link)?  How can a noodle bowl be combined with other nanotechnology for our benefit?

Nanotechnology and other relatively new areas of technology development are fun because they stir the imagination.  I immediately think of the “nano-noodle bowls” as little parabolic reflectors, focusing light energy more efficiently in one direction.  In another application, could such shapes also be used to trap errant particles, tangling them in the nano-noodles?  This might enhance the performance of a chemical detector, or trap potentially damaging particles that could otherwise degrade the performance of a nano-device, and which might be unavoidable byproducts of a manufacturing process or environmental circumstance.  

Ideas can abound when clever experiments reveal new technological capabilities.  How about nano-fasteners?  Is there an application for self- or mate-clinging surfaces with nano-features?  They could appear totally smooth to almost any other surface except one similar or complimentary to themselves.  Unfortunately, I don’t think the materials used in nano-scale manufacturing are flexible enough to make tiny suction cups, but, at this scale, matter doesn’t behave the same as it does at scales we can perceive directly.  Other news indicates that a man-made virus intended to deliver drugs to targeted tissues in the body now has extended survival capabilities due to self-assembling nano-scale tentacles (link).  Could tiny cups be attached to the tentacles to give them new capabilities, such as better abilities to capture particles or grab things, or to serve many bowls of nano-ramen at once?

Technological innovations are appearing almost too rapidly to absorb.  The improved ability to manufacture ever more complex nano-shapes will lead to more sophisticated applications, and continue the exponential increase in the nanotech inspiration factor.  Now, when will we see (or hear about) nano-scale noodle eaters?

As always, I welcome your comments.


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