Will People Read a Blog That Doesn’t Take Extreme (or Hilarious) Positions?

Is the blogosphere an intellectual desert, or does it just often appear that way?  Surfing the blogosphere, I find my way to a lot of places.  If I just ramble I find a lot of dreck – inscrutable personal journals and obscure personal pursuits, for instance.  Why people make their personal thoughts public is beyond me.  If I concentrate more on finding things that look interesting, I find some extremely funny stuff, and I find childish, extremist rhetoric.  Since my blog fits in none of the above categories, I wonder how it has come to be viewed as often as it is.  Is it just my friends and acquaintances coming to visit? 

Maybe it’s just my friends that come here.  If they did, and it was just a social call, I’d expect they’d leave a comment such as “Hi, Tim.  Great blog.  Keep it up.” and rarely, if ever, return.  Trying to find a rational middle road on a topic I believe to be of the greatest importance isn’t always easy, but it just seems like the self-made pundits and wacky humorists have a lot more appeal.  Is there really an interest out there in constructive, critical thought about the future?  I guess I’ll find out.  I’m 5 months into this adventure, and 40 hits/day average says I have more viewers than just my friends.

I do wish my kids would read my blog.  I started this blog to have a platform from which to expand my own understanding, a place to put my thoughts together and record them, and a place to invite discussion.  My policy has always been to ask “Could you please wise me up?”  I get few comments, though.  Another reason was to make a legacy of concern and a repository for information that I wish my kids would read and learn about, based on the idea that, if one learns about the future, one can make choices that will influence it and make it better, both for oneself and for others.  Our grandkids are going to be directly affected by the choices we make today and the information we pass on.  Now … if they were just listening/watching …

Extremists can be helpful, though that may not be their specific intent.  I have long held that if extreme speech around an important issue gets more people to notice and think (the key concept!), then maybe the impact of the issue will be mitigated, at a minimum, and the criticism of the extreme-speakers after the fact will be acceptable, as the real issue was addressed.  That’s not my style, though.  In fact, I have been rather sickened by some of the extremist rhetoric and endless bashing of public figures I’ve seen on the web (and in the media).  It just derails people from the real issues at hand.  I just don’t have it in me to go the extreme route (at least in such a public forum).

The experiment continues.  In any case, my intent is positive: to be constructive and to define a reasonable path to the unforeseeable future as well as a logically likely one.  Hopefully I am succeeding, and will be able to hang around long enough to see how things REALLY go. 

Happy blogging to you all, and please feel free to comment.


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