Temporary Publication Delays Likely on This Blog

July 17th, 2008, a man came to my desk (at my day job) and took away my desk phone. I asked him if this was management trying to tell me something, and he looked sheepish. He said that he had been given a list of phones to pick up, and didn’t know why. Having been through corporate downsizings a number of times in my multiple careers, I started packing. I was fortunate to be able to make a professional exit, transitioning my work to my supervisor and even saying goodbye to a few colleagues and constituents before the end of the day, when one of my coworkers informed me that he had spoken with my contract employer’s headquarters staff, and they had informally confirmed that I was “on the list”.

I feel lucky that I was able to make such a professional exit, as this was denied to most of my colleagues, at least in the corporate division where I had spent the past ten years. Most of them were called at home on a Thursday evening and told not to come in the next morning. Then they had to find and contact someone who was still at their ex-place of business to pack up their personal effects and bring them to the door for pickup. Almost none of them in my division were allowed to transition their work to their supervisors, leading to much crying and gnashing of teeth by the supervisors, managers, and coworkers who remained during the past couple of months of weekly layoffs. Interestingly, in another division of the same corporation my colleagues were all given a week’s notice – a much more professional approach to staff reduction, in my opinion.

In any case, as I begin the search for my sixth career I am busier than I ever was when I was working a full-time day job, so the pace of writing has been reduced and these entries will probably be a bit less frequent for a while. Please bear with me, and thanks for reading my blog on the possible and positive futures of the human species, as seen from an early-21st century perspective.

As always, I welcome your comments (and any job leads). — Tim


2 responses to “Temporary Publication Delays Likely on This Blog

  1. Tim,
    Good luck in your job search. I know there are companies out there who could use your skills and benefit from your experience. Keep up your good attitude.

    Several employees near me got walked out of the building this morning. It is a strange feeling to observe the devistation that many people experience when this happens. Coworkers left behind are in shock and confused, because of the way good people who have dedicated 20 -30 years to this employer are treated. You just feel helpless. I might get the layoff call Thursday evening, or I might be spared. My manager was let go last week, and I don’t know who my boss is now. I’ll be attending a job fair this week and I am stepping up my efforts to find another career in a different industry. This is emotionally draining. I’m tired of worrying and not being able to sleep very well at night.

    Hang in there Tim! We’re right behind you. This too shall pass (the sooner the better).


  2. Thanks, Tom, and good luck to you.
    I can only hope that things are not getting worse in the Michigan economy. The troubles of the rust belt hit here hard and early, and the nature of business here is changing. I see many more ads for software development and medical industry jobs these days, even as the old auto industry is shrinking and shrinking. I am hoping to find a new position that is closer to home and not associated with the auto industry. Perhaps I will add a page here with one of my resumes on it! (Why mess around, I always say.)
    Again, best of luck to you, Tom, and to all of our colleagues who are being released from the auto industry. There are jobs out there, though it takes more searching to find one than in the past. I am past ready for my 6th career. ;-)
    Take care – Tim

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