And Hopefully Not More Publication Delays Here …

Life has its challenges. The medical types have discovered several spots on my lungs in CT scans, and one under my armpit, so I may be a bit distracted with medical procedures at times in the near future. That may or may not impede my continued study and writing here. I hope not, but thought I’d mention it. I have another never-read blog at, my old “scratch space” blog, where I have begun journaling the experience. I am staying positive and will continue to think creatively, study, and do my best to inspire myself and others to think and plan ahead in ways that will move the planet toward a sustainable situation with as little human misery as possible.

Thanks for reading, and thinking, and working for a better future for the planet. – Tim

Added July 30, 2008
I feel lucky, though I am not out of the woods completely.  The pulmonologist I saw this morning said the spots on my lungs do not look serious, and many people have them.  He is having me get another CT scan at the end of September and see if anything changes (if not … great … scan again in the future).  He is also sending me to a surgeon for a biopsy of a lump under my arm, so I am knocking on wood that it is just a fatty deposit or something, and not something worse.

Meanwhile, I will keep searching for a job in project management, documentation, quality management, or maybe something with a startup or small company that needs an experienced head with lots of skills to contribute and enough small company experience to have no compunctions about sweeping the floor, if that’s what is needed.  My University of Michigan MBA focused on small organization growth should be a strength, too.

Best regards to all – Tim


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