How to Kill Nanobots

“Don’t tase me, bro! I’ll have to get all new nanobots!” Electromechanical nanobots, the type that many think of when they hear “nanobot”, would have vulnerabilities. At first it seems it would be difficult to kill such a tiny machine, but wouldn’t a sufficiently strong electromagnetic pulse (EMP) disrupt the operation of the tiny device and possibly “kill” it?

Ridding oneself of a nanobot “infection” could be difficult. If one is carrying helpful nanobots in one’s bloodstream and tissue, and one is “tased”, scanned with a magnetic resonance imaging machine (MRI), or otherwise suffers a strong electrical shock, does one then have to obtain and ingest or inject a whole new batch of the little helpers? Similarly, in a case of nano-warfare where people are afflicted with tiny destructive nanobots, could the little devils be deactivated or purged by a powerful magnetic pulse or electric shock?

Electrical shock might not be effective against nanobots. When living organisms are shocked with electricity, the current of electrons – the part that does the damage – follows the paths of lowest resistance. In most cases these paths are the nervous and circulatory systems, continuously-connected networks of relatively more conductive tissue or fluid. Unless a nanobot was directly in the path such that the current flowed through it, it might not be damaged at all. Also, for current to flow there must be a potential (voltage) difference across it. Are nanobots so small that there would rarely ever be enough potential across their longest dimension as to cause enough current flow to damage them?

The effectiveness of a magnetic method could be limited. A magnetic pulse or field of sufficient strength might have better potential to harm a nanobot, but that would require the nanobot contain a material susceptible to magnetic fields. Unfortunately, a nanobot comprised of carbon or other non-magnetic materials would be untouched by a magnetic field, just as are most life forms.

Biological nanobots might require some different approaches. Of course, nanotechnology experts have been noting for years that the most well developed nanotechnology, living cells and microorganisms, is already in place and doing just fine. Chemical means such as drugs can damage specific microorganisms or encourage the body’s immune system to attack them, so a similar technique might be used to kill nanobots.

What if nanobots could be confused or convinced to go away? I remember a radio news story on NPR a few years ago about fruit orchards in Northwest Ohio where lady bugs (predator insects) were used to keep unwanted pests under control. The fruit farmer had bought millions of lady bugs, huge bags of them, and turned them loose in the orchards only to later in the day watch as his entire investment, clouds of the tiny insects, rose into the air and headed for Indiana. Nanobots are expected to have a lot less movement capability, but that doesn’t mean that a suitable agent couldn’t be introduced or ingested that would make them try to abandon ship, exiting the body through every possible means. It might take days or weeks, but eventually the unwanted devices might leave without harm. Of course, it desirable nanobots were also chased off one would have to obtain more when conditions were such that they would stay to do their beneficial jobs.

In a future when we are using nanobots for many things, getting rid of the little things will be important. There is no question that we will be unable to safely use nanotechnology in medical or military contexts (or any, for that matter) without adequate controls and means for getting rid of them when that is necessary. It will be interesting to see how the technology evolves, and I hope to stay around long enough to gain the benefits of this most interesting direction in science.

As always, I welcome your comments. — Tim

27 responses to “How to Kill Nanobots

  1. 80%lighter fluid and 30 motor oil is the only thing i have found to help reduce …for if anyone has a good one … please email me @

  2. if created, nanobots, like all other specimens of this world, must be programmed to die of old age. since we are now coming closer to being the Creator of life, the process of death in nanobots must not be something rooted in the traditional mechanics of technology as we are use to (chips and semiconductors), but rather those which are biomimetically inspired, killing the nanobot in a process which is out of its control. if molecularly constructed carbon bonds are timed to dissolve and break apart after a period of time, or when there job is accomplished, then perhaps it would be a way that the nanobot processor could not control and reverse the process [in its lifetime].

  3. has any one find out how to get nano bits out of one’s body?

    • Good question. It would depend to some extent on the characteristics of the particular nano-things, such as size or molecular makeup. You’d probably never get rid of _all_ of them, and might not get rid of many in even a best-case outcome. But some of them are “sticky” and can be picked up by compatible molecules that might, in some cases, take them out of the body. In that way you might be able to drink or eat something that would pick up nanoparticles, or have something injected that would collect nanoparticles and be swept out of the system through the kidneys. I’m sure that more nano-products are popping up in our stores every day.
      Thanks for your comment – Tim

      • How would you attempt to rid yourself or a loved one of such nanoparticles?

      • Thanks for the comment, Teresa.
        I’m no expert on molecular biology, but your question will become important in the near future, I suspect. The ability to remove nanoparticles from the body may be challenging, and the method may vary considerably based on the makeup, size, etc. of the nanoparticles in question. I have read that even the titanium dioxide nanoparticles used in sunscreen are capable of entering the nerve cells via the eye and propagating inside the neurons all the way to the brain. Nobody ever tested for this or evaluated potential effects, yet this stuff is in all the best sunscreens I’ve seen. That’s pretty scary, but mirrors the situation with industrial chemicals. More than one source i’ve read has given similar numbers: that over 120,000 chemicals are in use in US industry, but only around 4,000 have been tested for toxicity or other problems. (and conservatives are trying every which way to further reduce the EPA and FDA’s ability to help with any of this. I guess that tells us who conservatives are working for … and it ain’t us … )

  4. researsh Morgellons, this nano tech bio api is already in the works since its deployment 96

    • Morgellons is interesting but I don’t know how it’s related to defending oneself from nanobots.
      One of the most interesting things about Morgellons syndrome is the behavior of sufferers. Is Morgellons a massive collision of groupthink and neurosis? I think it’s very interesting, the ingenuity its sufferers have developed at trying to convince others that their condition is physiological and not just psychological. I’m wondering what the payback is on their invested effort, and would ask but I don’t know anyone with the condition. BTW, “nano tech bio api” doesn’t make sense – what is “api”? (I read the dozen+ standard definitions.)

  5. Hi Tim, I have witnessed morgellons with my own eyes. My wife suffers from it and has had many strange looking fibers and what looks like small shards of glass come out of her skin. She even had one work its way out in the drs office which also convinced Dr it is not a delusional condition. Dr sent sample to lab and it came back unknown substance. CDC did study and couldn’t identify fibers so sent to FBI who also couldn’t identify fibers. They tested them and said had a very high burning point but of unknown origin. So CDC closed investigation with they don’t know so population is delusional rather than admitting they are incompetent. Many believe morgellons has nano technology involved. Researchers have found agrobacterium in sufferers lesions and I feel that is what is causing all of this since certain strains have ability to change human DNA and it has been proven in hospital cases that it has affected humans. Hospital cases were infected from catheters. It seems a big chemical company and their patented agrobacterium DNA should be under a microscope to me.

    • Well, good luck to you and your wife, Matt. Most of what you say is contradicted by other sources, most of them appearing to be pretty credible, and the descriptions of the condition that I have read all support the understanding that patients and those close to them follow a similar pattern of denial and almost-hysterical obsession with this condition. You are in a tough spot, nevertheless, as nothing is tougher than having one’s spouse or child suffering from a terrible medical condition. Again, I wish you luck and hope things will improve for you and your wife soon.

      • Believe me I know it sounds crazy and I know mainstream healthcare in u.s. is denying the existence. I wouldn’t believe it either if I had not seen so much evidence. here is an article about GMO infection simply by eating GMO food. It’s sad that other countries are doing so much research and we do so little.

    • matt go to morgellons cure!

  6. Also I apologize for such a long post. I appreciate your blog and also just read your GMO blog and totally agree with every word of it. I believe GMO and morgellons are closely related. Thanks for your research and helping to educate the dangers of GMO.

  7. Tim, i’m thinking of writing a zombie novel, and was thinking of using nanobots as the plague. However my friend pointed out to me “Wouldn’t an EMP kill them?”. I thought that most likely a Carbon-based nanobot would make sense since it’s lightweight and strong, and resistant. Most likely it would reside in the neural pathways to control the body, so if subjected to an EMP, such as one from a nuclear weapon or other largescale EMP device, would it kill the nanobots, or would the human body provide enough shielding in your opinion/ hypothetical knowledge? -Cam

    • Thanks, Cameron. I’m not sure true nanobots would be hurt by EMP, partly because the amount of energy they would pick up would be quite small – they wouldn’t transect much area in the passing electromagnetic pulse-wave. Microbots, larger than nanobots and potentially containing real computing parts, in other words running on electrical current and containing real conductors, might be considerably more susceptible. In one of my favorite scenarios nanobots might be transported by larger and more mobile microbots, and could receive signals from the microbots to do simple things or turn their actions on and off. In such a case the microbots might be disabled by sufficient EMP energy and the nanobots might not be effective after that. Thanks for asking about this, and good luck with your novel. I like your ideas. — Tim

  8. take IBOGA the african DMT plant. It purges the body of everything including naobots

  9. Hello,

    I’ve been subjected to a militaristic attack of nanobots in a secret and black experiment where every night they shock my tissues (very painful), and depress me using ‘bots in the brain. I can’t attack the controllers as apart from being a stronger force in that they tote guns and many personnel, I have no idea where they are.

    To the point : can anyone help me remove them?


    • If you are serious I have to ask, where would nanobots get enough electricity for you to feel it? Such an attack would certainly be technically difficult and expensive, so Why would anyone be that interested in you?

  10. I think I have Nido bought want to know how you get rid of them
    I seen some weird shit I see little pink ones the blue ones little gray ones they look like Lent but lint doesn’t disappear back in your skin
    I wanna know how to get read of them
    And this thing is going to have sex and make more

    • I am sorry you are having problems, Rhonda. Your description sounds somewhat like, but also considerably unlike some of the comments I have received from people claiming to suffer from Morgellon’s syndrome. I know of no medical diagnosis or research effort to address this condition, though I have not specifically searched for such. I am hesitant to what is described to me as real but I can’t discount it either. I look forward to learn what medical investigators might come up with, and do not believe there is any conspiracy to deny the condition exists. I have trouble understanding why I can’t find any writings by doctors on the condition, too.
      I wish you the best of luck, and hope you can find medical professionals who will help you. Thanks for your comment. Here also it the link to what the Mayo Clinic has to say about Morgellons, which seems sensible.

  11. Hi timprosser,
    Love your sensible responses!
    Sadly I don’t have a sensible question because I’m a writer and I have a nanite problem and you seem like the best guy to ask.
    In this SF story (taking place on Earth), when someone with nanites/nanobots (are they interchangeable?) in their blood and the person dies, the nanities are programmed to destroy themselves leaving nothing much to suggest they were ever there.
    In this story a living nanite carrier has been left money by a now dead nanite carrier. The lawyers want a DNA test. If she says they can have hair, saliva or skin swabs … would there be nannies in those? Or do the nanites tend to stay where they can respond to bodily emergencies?
    If I should be using the word nanobots please correct me :)
    I am really grateful for your help with this!

    • Hi Wendy – sorry it took me so long to reply to your comment.
      Thinking on your first idea for nanobots to destroy themselves when a person dies, I think there are two problems with it. First, the nanobots would have to recognize that the person had died, and that could be difficult to achieve. The programming necessary for nano- or micro-bots to perceive something like this would require a more complex structure than a true nanobot might be able to contain – they aren’t made of very many molecules and are unlikely to have enough complexity to support computing as would be required. Secondly, nanobots, even if dissolved, would still leave certain chemical byproducts behind that could be detected if someone was to test for them.
      As for your second question, I imagine nanobots could be anywhere, though they could be initially placed to fulfill a particular purpose and might stay in that area thereafter. Nanobots, small as they are, might fall prey to white blood cells and other mechanisms our bodies use to sustain themselves, so I would imagine nanobot numbers might decline steadily after their placement or injection. Nanobots’ source of energy is a conern, too. They would have to run off of biological energy, such as the glycogen in our bloodstream, to last long at all, but the mechanism to collect and digest it into a usable form would require increased complexity, possibly compromising their ability to do their intended job. So … there are many considerations and practical roadblocks to be overcome before nanobots can really work effectively for us. I have seen no evidence that much progress has been made on nanobots for any meaningful purpose, but expect it to come along slowly. In the meantime most information on nanobots will continue to come from academic laboratories and science fiction. It is fun to speculate on such a marvelous topic, but I am no expert – I only know what I have read – though I am technically savvy and understand the scientific papers when I read them, for the most part. I wish you luck with you story, and please stop back and leave a link to it when it is available on line. Thanks – Tim

  12. Tim,
    I need to ask you a few questions – and I need you to keep an open mind… Please… I understand nanotechnology is an exciting new field filled with a world of possibilities. I have even read online recently how a Stanford University Professor who has developed and just about perfected a new type of robotic prosthetic for amputees using nanotech. Not only will her prototype enable an individual to have full use of their prosthetic limbs, but they will be able to actually FEEL something as small as a butterfly light upon their hand – or the firmness of another person’s handshake! This works as it fuses with the person’s central nervous system.

    “Golden Nanoparticles” may even be able to replace street lights – turning leaves from trees into luminescent beacons of light, illuminating our streets and homes at night virtually for FREE; thus conserving vital energy for ALL of us…

    Oh, and don’t even get me started on the ‘helpful’ medical applications being ‘tested’ today in our country as well as many others – the results are astounding! Dare I say, even the END of Cancer possibly(?!) through the use of tumor consuming nanobots?
    God, with this relatively ‘new’ and wonderful technology according to you and other ‘credible sources’ is NOT a thing of ‘the future’ – correct? But of the ‘right now’!!! What a wonderful new age of true enlightenment we must be entering…

    However, there IS just ONE tiny little problem…. I must be one of the 25 or so MILLION people across the WORLD at this very MOMENT that MUST be ‘delusional’ too, as sadly there is NO DOUBT (I have even been diagnosed by a ‘real’ Doctor – a Bacteriologist no less, here in Puerto Rico who actually used the “M” word when diagnosing me.)

    I have what has been commonly referred to and named by Biologist and sad fellow sufferer Mary Leitao as ‘Morgellons’. The Doctor of course – was not able to actually write “Morgellons” as his diagnosis on my hospital discharge papers – due to the CDC.

    Interestingly enough not long ago the CDC decided to drop the D.O.P. (or “Delusions of Parasitosis” and just put it down to good old “Unexplained Dermatitis” as BABIES are now being born with this terrible condition.

    I was given heavy duty antibiotics intravenously for six days in hope that it would sufficiently ‘drug’ the nanotubes that have given me lesions all over my body for TWO and a HALF YEARS now… I have seen things crawl and grow out of my skin that NO HUMAN should have to SEE – let alone FEEL. I was beautiful – even at 39 years old – now, I’m RUINED.
    As I mentioned before, the CDC elected to take off the D.O.P.part – eliminating it as a ‘metal’ disorder when BABIES started being born with this HORROR. I daresay, if you put Stephen King, L. Ron Hubbard and HITLER – or perhaps one of Hitler’s more famous “Doctors” on his payroll – DR. JOSEF MENGELER – locked them in a room together while depriving them of sleep and food for DAYS – THEY even could not possibly have come up with something SO bizarre and SO reprehensible. Many terrible things have been discovered and put into military applications simply by accident… At least that is what I HOPE happened.

    I was living in Florida for many years before coming here to Puerto Rico – it was here that I first saw these ‘lesions’ which were very deep and would not heal for months – no matter what I tried. Apparently, Florida, some parts of Northern California and especially England and quite a bit of Europe has a TON of ‘delusional’ people SUFFERING from this ‘non-existent’ fabricated ‘disease’. Funny, the Professor at SUNY who was using nanotech to better the lives of our soldiers and other victims of accidents and birth defects – rendering them amputees got her funding from the CIA, (why them ?) as well as the Air Force and I swear I had seen on here on one site that stated she had also received funding from none other than the DEPARTMENT of DEFENSE though oddly now I cannot find it – but that’s OK – remember – I’m just DELUSIONAL – but the CIA – scroll to the BOTTOM of the page is absolutely PROVEABLE through her “Thanks for Funding My Research” at the bottom of her Bao Research Company’s web page. This is absolutely true – please feel free to look this up using this first link and then following the second to find out the Government Departments and Companies who funded this (I’m sorry – but I would think that common sense would dictate that if the Department of Defense was funding MY research – they are going to use it to WEAPONIZE it – most likely.) :

    Please look at the “Electronic Skin” or “Super Skin” as they like to refer to it… You know, I have literally experienced ‘attacks’ as this affliction metamorphoses, at one point where not only did my husband have the sad job of trying to console me as – for lack of a better description – little black ‘caterpillar’ like creatures were worming their way out of my thighs. Ugh! During said attack – I also experienced unparalleled ‘zapping’ pain – which only stopped when I instinctively ripped my clothes of and jumped into a bath tub. The triage nurse got to watch as one crawled out from underneath my nail bed – as my husband (who thank God this has NOT effected physically at all by these things) grabbed it and threw it in the plastic bag with the others we had collected…

    Sadly, every time a symptom besides the usual lesions, fibers and fatigue came up – odd as it may sound – such as ‘my hair seems to be MOVING BY ITSELF’ (which sadly it does and this has been witnessed even by my Dr. as well as my husband and other friends of mine. I ALWAYS get a few ‘reality checks’ to what I am seeing. I even showed a psychiatrist when trying to get SSI for this condition and he said – and I quote “I am seeing it – there is NO AIR to move it – and it looks like a snake like movement – as you described – but I still am not sure if I am believing this.”) Anyhow, I type into the computer the ‘symptom’ certain to leave OUT the “M” word (Morgellons) – like “Hair moving by itself” – and the first search Google comes up with – as well as usually the ONLY says the word “Morgellons”. Damn! I’m SICK of that word!

    But, Tim, I’m sorry, the whole Jungian “Collective Unconscious” THEORY does NOT apply when I have ALSO been able to – pull ‘fibers’ – or lately more like ‘wormy’ looking entities from my skin with a MAGNET…

    I also have a great deal of video proof… I even caught a FREQUENCY these little bastards are making in my body when I accidently discovered this very loud Morris Code sounding clicking noise quite literally drowning out my voice. My husband is a Master Electrician and recognized the noise as a frequency – that is when he got REALLY spooked. It will only make the sound when my finger is over the Sony Bloggie Camera’s speaker- otherwise it in inaudible. Any other person who uses it – the noise is not there AT ALL. So, it is not my camera malfunctioning – and no other camera’s – cellular video camera’s etc, have been able to catch this.

    When I get a newer player so that I can download this proof I will bemore than happy to redirect you to my YouTube Channel. Till then, it remains on my computer and camera…

    Now that I have written a small novel to you on your ‘comments space’ (btw sorry about that – just SO much to say – and sadly, much, much more…) I do want to make it clear that I am not writing this seeking attention or sympathy (as this is NOT the type of attention I would think ANYONE would want – though on some of the Morgellon’s Support Board’s -you’d be surprised – and it is THOSE people who really have this or don’t – make the rest of us look even worse than we already do. I enjoyed POSITIVE attention for many years – look me up on Facebook here and you will see why – I was even in a band for awhile – and the last photos I took were a few months before this crap utterly obliterated my skin – my face remains pretty untouched – thank God – but that TOO is starting to be ‘replaced’ or whatever this malady is attempting to achieve. It is especially hard for a woman who was once quite attractive. Here is that proof on my Facebook page:

    Anyhow, I’m looking for solutions on ENDING this misery – that is how I found this page in the first place. So far, the magnets are working some what – but it looks like pulse magnetism is my best bet so far -or – and I am taking a MAJOR chance with this – super charging my speaker magnet with a copper coil and hooking it to my Talon Tattoo power supply -yeah, I had begun doing tattoos and THIS crap ended my blooming career… I am THAT desperate… I would appreciate your input on this particular idea BEFORE I attempt this.

    We’re NOT in Kansas anymore, and things are getting weirder… Well, Tim, I hope you gained somewhat of a different insight into the “Wonderland World’ of Morgellons through my post. If I were a ‘delusional schizophrenic’ I should not be able to put two intelligent words together – let alone write a small novella such as this. I really should write about this whole freakish experience in novel form… God knows I do not possess the sick imagination to ‘make up’ the things I am SO SORRY to have witnessed during this affliction… So, let me know your thoughts on the ‘Supercharged Magnet’ theory and please, please, get back with me on this at your earliest convenience… Thank you in Advance… Laura

    • Hi Laura. As I wrote in other replies, I really don’t know what to make of Morgellons, and apparently a lot of doctors are baffled, too. I doubt that electromagnetic energy would affect any nanobot unless they had a LOT of conductive metal in them connected to fairly sensitive electrical or electronic parts. At their tiny size they won’t pick up much energy from any electromagnetic (EM) field, and a voltage suitable to harm them would be hard to induce. It is an open question whether the intense magnetic field of an MRI machine would bother them or not, and I don’t know that you have easy access to such equipment. Unfortunately I have to disagree with you about “delusional psychotics”. Many of them are highly skilled writers and speakers. As for the “delusional” part, it probably means that the patient does NOT “make anything up” but actually believes something, even when they actually imagined it. One of the problems with medical attention to Morgellons, also, is that patients tend to deny any other possible cause, and that makes them seem irrational. As far as I know, a smart, well-trained doctor keeps an open mind, does appropriate examinations, and orders appropriate tests based on their best judgment in order to come to a diagnosis. They are trained to deny the “first diagnosis offered” until they see hard evidence that supports it – that is part of the scientific method – and to seek more evidence until a diagnosis emerges. I hope you can find a good doctor who can help you, and urge you to keep an open mind until solid evidence can be used to come to a logical and meaningful diagnosis and treatmnent. Best of luck and thanks for reading and commenting. — Tim

  13. Tim, The Only people that are in denial of Morgellon’s
    are the one’s who have created it.

    It is very real. I recently went to my Doctor, did not mention a word
    about it, showed him my Skin and He Told Me what I had.

    • Thanks for your comment, Joe, but your link does not give me much confidence. At about 7:07 (I skipped in) the presenter says there are conductive metal oxide particles in the air making it conductive instead of neutral and stating that “neutral” air is healthiest for living things. This is total unscientific crap and I was sorry to hear it. There are tons of scientific measurements showing that the air is electrically anything but neutral, and charges vary widely from near zero to multi-million volt lightning strikes. I am sorry, but you shot your own assertion in the rear. And the notion that someone “created” Morgellon’s is also peculiar, as I can come up with no good reason or method why or how that might be done, especially when so little is proven about it. I await better evidence, but feel it is significant that nobody who has communicated with me on this has managed to give me anything I could believe in. Good luck and thanks again for your comment. – Tim

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