Is Denying Global Warming Worth the Risk?

While many accept the proclamations by scientists that global warming is a very real risk, there are many, including some scientists, who deny the possibility for an assortment of reasons.  Some of their arguments are quite persuasive, while others are just reactionary conspiracy theories, wacky talk radio lies and spin.  As I read new studies coming out every year, I have to wonder if denying global warming based on some irrational hatred of Al Gore or NASA climate scientist Jim Hansen makes sense.  Associated press ran a pair of articles today that I found particularly interesting (link) (link).   When I think of the consequences of being wrong about global warming, I have to think we should plan accordingly.  While I may be being taken in, I am hedging my bets in the long run.  I will certainly keep my senses alert to further research and continue to learn as much as I can.  I encourage anyone reading this to do the same.

As always, your comments are welcome.  It is only through our thoughtful collaboration that we can mitigate the enormous risks we are facing from overpopulation, resulting climate change and pollution, and the efforts of the greedy, ignorant, and misled.  May we all enjoy an increasingly sustainable, tolerant, healthy, and happy world in the future.  We will have to work for it.


3 responses to “Is Denying Global Warming Worth the Risk?

  1. Errrr…… I came across your blog here (we’ve debated before) and was interested in it because I met a libertarian who referred to Global Warming as a deception and a NASA scientist as a fraud. I wasn’t sure where he gets all of his stories from so I wanted to check out what may have been said about his sources (ask him what they were and see if I could find them in the article).

    I went to the articles you made links to and found they were not available. Would they be someplace else?

    • That’s what I get for pulling articles from Comcast’s news site – I will go to a better source, as I know they were most likely AP stories. Thanks – Tim
      This is probably one of them.

  2. Whether wrong or right about global warming it would be difficult to deny that reaching sustainable energy sources is a step in a direction long overdue.

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