Time Magazine Opinion Piece Reviews China’s Approach to the Population Explosion

An interesting opinion piece on the impact of the Chinese one-child rule appeared in a recent Time magazine.   Included in the discussion are the assessment that not only has China’s “one child” law been misunderstood by many in the west (it does not, for instance restrict farmers or ethnic minorities to only one child), but that it has presented other issues including the “greying” of the Chinese workforce as families continue to produce younger workers at significantly less than the normal replacement rate, and that China does not have a social security-like system.  The article does nicely re-state the fact that economic development naturally reduces the incentives for people to have large families, which suggests that improving economic conditions in booming places like Pakistan and Mexico could be the best single initiative for the developed countries to pursue. 

Please communicate your thoughts to your elected representatives.  If they don’t hear from us they will only represent those whom they do hear from, who might not have our or the world’s best interest at heart.  As always – I appreciate your comments.


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