Changing Our Thinking About Growth – the 9 Billion Ton Hamster

How long can the human race plow ahead like this, procreating like crazy and generally mismanaging our planet and population?  It is nonsensical how often the word “growth” is uttered in the media, as if growth could solve our economic problems.  Can’t the average human being, looking around at what we have created, perceive that the human species is overrunning our environment, damaging our environment, and stretching the systems and supply lines by which we survive ever closer to a breaking point from which we will not easily recover?  I happened upon an interesting page containing discussion on economics and growth.  The videos included are thought provoking.

Part of our self-deception must come from the media, which trumpets the view of effortless wealth constantly in fictional presentations as well as faulty interpretations of the news.  Today the far-right wing in the United States is using this faulty logic to divide the country politically and motivate some voters to back policies that promise them smaller government and less regulation, but actually deliver them to corporate marketers whose power transcends that of most governments and is solely focused on short term profits achieved by any means necessary.

Our concentration on the symptoms is keeping us from addressing the real problem.  The corporate news media are easily the biggest factor in this.  News reporting constantly focuses on the symptoms of our runaway population growth, such as the financial collapse, pollution and loss of species, and natural disasters that wouldn’t be so bad except that we have packed the land with people and squeezed ever larger numbers into ever smaller and more risky places.  The longer we avoid recognizing the real problem – that we have become far too “successful” as a species – the bigger the disasters and the longer the recovery we can expect.  We are the 9 billion ton hamster, or soon will be.  Are we smart enough to slow, stop, and turn around this runaway situation before the disasters are affecting us all simultaneously world wide?

More soon — thanks for reading.  Your comments are appreciated  — Tim


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