Mitigating the Problems of Overpopulation: We Can’t Do It By Ourselves

A great article in the New York Times conveys an understanding of what needs to happen if we are to avoid catastrophic problems in the future due to the human population explosion.  Full-on, totally committed action is needed by all governments, not just to take measures to reduce birthrates, cut pollution of all types, and conserve resources, but just generally to move us strongly towards sustainability.  This requires we envision the world as it will be a century from now, but we must do it.  We must take our best shot, and the first stage will be bringing overpopulation to the front pages of the world and to the top of the priorities of our governing officials.  Please call, write, or email your government representatives and do what you can to MAKE them discuss overpopulation and the resulting problems publicly.  This won’t be easy, but … what is your better alternative?

As always, your comments are gratefully welcomed. — Tim


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