Despite Evidence to the Contrary, I’m Not the Only One Concerned About Our Future

Look at the comments I’ve received here.  Notice that there are probably fewer total comments than the number of article-entries I’ve made here.  I’ve been reading, researching, pondering, and writing for more than two years and 200 articles, and I rarely get a comment.  Current total views stands at 44,327 – not bad – but I’m not hearing much back.  Happily I was contacted via comment by another person who blogs on the future here on WordPress, Tincup68, and I find myself no longer alone.  Amazing!  Please give his or her site a read.  It is very nicely written and well worth reading.

As always, I welcome  your comments.  Thanks for reading — Tim

PS – it was because of this blog that I wrote and recorded this song: Nobody Looks at My Web Page.   I hope you enjoy it!


3 responses to “Despite Evidence to the Contrary, I’m Not the Only One Concerned About Our Future

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    • I think the media drive the perception that there is a “left” and “right” that are mutually exclusive. When I talk with my friends across the spectrum there is a huge overlap in our concerns, but it seems the right wing media are continuing a long tradition of trying to polarize the situation and divide us into “left” and “right”. This is an attack on our society that must be intended to get power for someone, but does the 99% of the country who are not super rich no good as it stalls legislation we need to improve our economy. In fact, I often wonder if the poor performance of our economy along with apparent attempts by right wing legislators to sabotage it aren’t all in the interest of greed and power – they’re certainly damaging to us, the rest of the people.
      If it weren’t for the twisted messages of the media, we and the economy would be a lot better off, IMHO. As it is, though, there is far too little discourse and far too much bile going around. Thanks for your comment — Tim

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