Our Population Has Doubled in 50 Years: The 7 Billion Human Milestone is Here

We live in truly amazing times.  Read some of the statistics I found at this blog and you will be amazed.  I think few realize just how fast human population has grown, where we are today, and how far beyond a long-term sustainable number we may be.  The sustainable number I discussed in my article on “the simple math” is a matter for conjecture and speculation to a great extent, as we can’t easily predict future inventions, cultural changes, etc., but the fact that humanity’s numbers were less than a billion worldwide until around 1804 and didn’t reach 2 billion until 1927 makes me think the real, long-term sustainable number is probably 2 billion or less.  I realize those numbers are frightening in light of our status today, but the future is ours to create and we should not be shying away from what looks like the biggest challenge humanity has ever face: to manage our own growth and use of the planet.

As always, I welcome your comments and thanks for reading — Tim

Interesting resource:  Global Issues, Anup Shah, since 1998


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