Will Religion Help or Hinder in the Growing Overpopulation Crisis?

Religion typically requires faith, the suspension of disbelief and reason, an extreme gullibility, if only temporary.  My worry is that many religious people don’t return to reason.   Such people can be very difficult to deal with. Some of them are fanatics, or are evolved into fanatics by clever manipulation.  Isn’t reason essential to our survival?

Reason may allow the human species to avoid the catastrophes that will come from overpopulating the planet beyond the limits of infrastructure, and food and energy supplies.  Religion so far appears destined to keep humanity ignorant and confused about overpopulation, the biggest problem we have ever faced.

Are we too primitive, too superstitious, too misdirected by the short-sighted and greedy among us to understand this greatest of challenges?  Will our refusal to face the fact that any conservation measure, any new energy source, will only allow us to become even more numerous and tax the finite resources of the planet even more, and bring us down in the inevitable collapses of famine and pestilence?

All of our greatest problems can be traced to overpopulation.  These include a dwindling energy supply and a global food system made both hyper-productive by heavy application of fossil fuel-based products and at the same time vulnerable to pestilence.

Mitigating these problems, since defeating them is out of the question, will require reason, focus, effort, rapid learning, and a unity of nations, corporations, and other entities including religions.  Will we find ways to let our population fall back to a sustainable level over the next century?  Or will we see our population fall in a series of brutal catastrophes as the increasingly fragile world we have built comes apart at the seams under the demands of an exploding population?

(This post also appears in my personal blog at http://www.timprosserblog.wordpress.com)


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