Is “Meeting the Demand” Setting the Stage for Bigger Catastrophes?

All my life, growing up in the capitalist United States economy, the success of the system has depended on growth.  This is widely recognized, and growth is often invoked as a remedy for economic problems.  “Growth ” has become a business (and, by extension, government) mantra – the panacea for all our ills.  Unfortunately, this makes no sense at a very fundamental level.  How big will we grow and how much resources will we devour reaching the point where population is completely unsustainable, and famine and disease roam the world killing millions?  Can we stop worshipping growth now?

The answer to this question will determine the extent and frequency of the catastrophic problems facing the runaway human population in this century.  Odds are you will see at least some of the events and, sadly, odds are decent you will be one of those to die early as a result.  How smart is humanity?  Are we smart enough to turn the hurtling vehicle of civilization away from the cliff of overpopulation before we drive off it?  Shouldn’t every one of us be concerned AND doing something about it?

I appreciate your reading this.  It seems very few people in the world are seeing what I am, as far as the possible results of human population growing out of control, and even fewer are trying to do anything about it.  I hope you can find some impactful ways to help avoid the worst of it.  Thanks for reading — Tim.


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