How to Get the Population Point Across? Use Hashtag #StopHavingChildren

What can we do about the population explosion?  We hear about the symptoms every day, but nobody talks about the cause.  The media churns along, reporting on increased concern for conservation, climate change effects, immigration, alternative energy sources, etc., and it is disappointing that they will not discuss what’s behind the problems they discuss every day: the exploding population.  It is easy to feel helpless in the face of such a huge problem, but what can we do?

Understandably the topic is frightening, but it is clear to anyone who considers it for long that, as things stand today, the population will simply continue to grow until it exceeds the capacity of the systems we’ve built to support it, making a series of huge disasters inevitable unless we reduce our birthrate.  The recent UN report on population underlines this fact.

Doing nothing would be stupid, and would suggest we are no better than any other species on the planet.  Certainly we each feel a frightening sense of loss as we face the logical outcomes of population growth, but we need to work through that and reach an acceptance of our situation, and then build on that the resolve to do everything we can, to learn everything we can, and to create and implement new ideas to address our situation.  Above all else, however, there is only one real solution: to reduce birthrates drastically as quickly as possible, essentially to stop having children.

If population can always eventually exceed our resources, then the only real solution is to stop having kids (or nearly stop).  Given our current rapidly escalating risks, we need to do this as soon as absolutely possible.  For that reason, and to spur discussion and promote understanding of this critical, fundamental fact, I am launching a new hashtag: #StopHavingChildren.  I believe the message is startling enough to get people’s attention and spur discussion.  Hopefully, efforts to understand what it means will bring understanding that will spread quickly.  It has been proven before that, when people are educated enough and understand the priorities, they will do the right thing: #StopHavingChildren.

Now this hashtag needs to be translated into every language in the world and spread to everyone.  People aren’t idiots, typically, so I hope the hashtag will spread and provoke people to think about our situation, and that the acceptance of this concept will be quick.  Thanks for reading — Tim  #StopHavingChildren


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