Is Dark Matter the Future of Life in the Universe?

Is there intelligence in or behind that cloud of dark matter?  Here’s an interesting article one possible reason why we don’t see evidence of other intelligent life in the universe (yet).  It also discusses how life might eventually transcend physical existence and continue to evolve in space in clouds of dark matter.  This is similar to the way I once wrote that a self-aware machine intelligence might rapidly evolve, transcend its physical nature, and leave the planet before we were complete aware of it.  This is interesting, but how might it affect you and me?

We’re talking about a distant future here … or are we?  While I believe we will not see life evolve to that point in our lifetimes, I am not so sure about the robots.  There is a huge amount of work being done today, in many places around the world, to develop artificial intelligence for much more than just autonomous vehicles.  Much work has also been done to write computer programs that can write and re-write other computer programs, a skill that will be critical to machines taking control of their own destinies.

It probably won’t be an army of machines, though that shouldn’t comfort anyone.  Actually, I should write about intelligent machines in the singular tense, since it is more likely that self-aware computers will form one huge machine-based super-intelligence when they finally become sentient.  In either case, while it is unlikely that a full-blown “Terminator” scenario will develop, some of the movie‘s background information may be prophetic.  Once the machines become self-aware I expect to see things going wrong and failing all over the place.  I only hope that the damage will be limited by an extremely rapid machine evolution into beings or a being who cares nothing for us, and who will simply leave the planet for more interesting locales, doing us minimal or no harm.  Hopefully this will take less than a day, in which case one must wonder if it might not already have occurred, and we just didn’t notice.

Maybe machines aren’t all that smart, yet.  The evolution of machine intelligence, with the attendant risks, seems as inevitable as the evolution of human.  The frightening part is, it might be all over before we are aware of it.  Let’s hope so!

Thanks for reading — Tim



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