Resume – Timothy F. Prosser

Timothy F. Prosser, SE Lower MI  (please contact via comment form at bottom of page)

I am a long-term proponent of the principles of transformational management, the importance of creativity, and the involvement of all constituents and stakeholders in any enterprise. Read my list of characteristics of a good manager to see the qualities I aim for at “What are the Characteristics of a Really Excellent Manager.”


October 2008 – present EVMS Scheduler at AM General Inc.

  • Providing scheduling function in an earned value management system

1998-July 2008 Project Management Analyst, contract to Ford Motor Co.

  • Led and mentored teams of planners and individuals providing program plans, risk assessments, and project management services in the extremely complex automotive product development environment
  • Created and administered vehicle development program and team-level workplans for up to $1 billion programs
  • Worked with suppliers to successfully complete designs and a wide variety of testing programs, and deliver parts and assemblies to assembly plants on time
  • Drove identification and resolution of issues, and developed recovery plans
  • Developed new processes and systems to help clients manage their businesses
  • Developed and taught project management skills, tools, and methods
  • Streamlined three planning positions into a single responsibility in under 3 months (twice)

1996-1998 Product Information Systems Supervisor, Graco Inc., Automotive & Industrial Div..

  • Managed Product Information Operations, and supervised writers and records management staff
  • Wrote and compiled documentation for large and small scale industrial fluid handling systems
  • Created instructions, diagrams, and other documentation for new technology applications

1995-1996 Product Information Systems Supervisor, contract to Graco, Inc.

  • Developed technical documentation for automotive supplier, Graco, Inc.
  • Coordinated, expedited, and oversaw final production and delivery of documentation to the customer
  • Supervised both engineering records and technical documentation departments

1987-1994 Principal Engineer, Unisys Corporation, Printer Div.

  • Led engineering team in a printer qualification program completed in 1/3 the time of previous programs
  • Supervised test lab operations and the daily activities of up to 18 technical professionals
  • Served as corporate internal ISO9000 auditor for two years
  • Served as departmental coordinator in the acquisition of ISO9001 certification
  • Served as guide to ISO9000 auditors during primary and maintenance certification audits
  • Participated in first team to fully qualify and release a new OEM printer product in less than 6 weeks.

1983-1986 Systems Engineer, Synthetic Vision Systems, Inc., Applied Intelligent Systems, Inc.

  • Ran development laboratory and technical library
  • Built high speed image processor and automatic inspection system prototypes
  • Re-engineered an unstable image processing computer in two months to run for weeks without error (at AISI)
  • Wrote test software and procedural documentation for both development lab and production testing
  • Helped re-engineer a high-speed image processing computer to increase processing speed and reliability in six months (at SVS)

1982-1983 Production Manager, Engineering Manager, Anatron Inc.

  • Responsible for production and product quality improvements
  • Managed engineering staff and led product design and manufacturing engineering activities
  • Wrote and produced product manuals (won Society for Technical Communications S.E. Mich. award for best instruction manual 1982)
  • Created and documented production and inventory control systems
  • Solved serious design and supplier quality problems to improve production yield from 25% to >97%

1977-1982 Communication Engineer, ADP Network Services Div.

  • Developed and documented departmental database systems
  • Wrote system and peripheral test software and documentation
  • Held responsibility for maintaining over 2200 pieces of computer equipment in over 70 company facilities
  • Devised a system that reduced service costs by over $600,000 per year

EDUCATION: MBA, The University Of Michigan, 1991

  • Bachelor of Science Degree, Eastern Michigan University
  • Classes in general management skills, technical writing, team facilitator skills, presentation skills, organizational creativity development, statistical process control, ISO9001 auditing, CTQA (Baldridge) Quality Award examiner training, and many software tools
  • Publications: Effective Planning for Big Projects series published July 2008 at

4 responses to “Resume – Timothy F. Prosser

  1. Hi Tim,

    I took your advice and googled your name. Wow, you’ve done so much in your years since SHS. I don’t have much computer savvy, but will email you the reunion document in early March. Again, nice speaking with you and hope to see you 7/25.


  2. I just added this webpage to my feed reader, excellent stuff. Cannot get enough!

  3. Tim,
    Didn’t recall that you had worked at AISI before me. I was there in the 90’s and ported and maintained the C Layers library to the next generation 128K SIMD gate array processors.

    Also, a while back I worked with a fellow that used to work at Anatron. He told me the story of the day that everyone went to lunch to cash their paychecks, which all bounced. When they returned, the doors were locked.

    — Dave, N8SBE

    • I don’t remember the doors ever being locked or anyone having their check bounce, though the latter might have happened.
      I went to vice pres Al one morning in 1983 and asked him if we were going to make payroll and he said one of his favorite phrases, “Not a problem!” It wasn’t long after that that I had to tell the two engineers who worked for me that the company was going under, that they might not get payed for that day and the day before, and that they could hang out, use the computers, and start their search at once, and I wrote them solid letters of recommendation. I helped my friend Ed, the owner, to close the place down over the next 6 weeks without pay. That can be the way it goes in emerging and booming industries.

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